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Miniature medieval  interiors carved into  Marble  by Matthew Simmonds

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 Clark Little fPhotography

Photographer Clark Little rushes straight into crashing waves to document the powerful force and beauty of the ocean. 


Maria Szollosi

Maria Szollosi is painter based out of London who creates a sense of richness with various icons using female faces, as she incorporates a strong graphic aspect.

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Humor and copious amounts of imagination by García de Marina

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SANDRA CINTO: Piece of Silence

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is very pleased to present Piece of Silence, an exhibition of new drawings, paintings and sculptures by Sandra Cinto. Building on her repertoire of Surrealist imagery and Romantic narratives, Cinto’s sixth solo show at the gallery features scenes of musical scores, spiraling landscapes and turbulent seas rendered across gallery walls and large-scale canvases, to more intimate works on paper. Through sound and silence, movement and stillness, these new compositions explore the passage of time within broader narratives of existence and transcendence, creating spaces for reverie that encourage a deeper reflection on both the course and transience of life. Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

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Carved Goose Shells Piotr Bockenheim

Unless you spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with a tiny electric drill carving intricate patterns into eggshells the last few months, you may have yet to reach your Easter egg decorating potential. One person who clearly has is artist Piotr Bockenheim who uses a reductive drilling technique to transform goose eggs into slitherting tangles

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4 + 3 = 7

- 「何かおかしい」は英知の囁き : ITスペシャリストが語る芸術 (via mmqqbb)

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Golden Wing. //


These mixed media pieces by Lubov Kirillova are absolutely stunning, and we hard a hard time selecting just four to post! They remind us of a a blend of Art Deco and Byzantine mosaics. Take some time to study these works slowly - the amount of detail and intricacy is not to be missed!


Daily Overview project

The majority of the images featured in the project focuses on this unnatural world, shining a light on the areas where our human activity - for better or worse - has shaped the landscape.